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Rotation Overview

          The Ultrasound rotation at Mercy Health is a 4 week hands experience designed to broaden your understanding of point of care ultrasound

          and its applications in the Emergency Department. You will cover obstetric, renal, cardiac, orthopedic, trauma, musculoskeletal and

          procedural ultrasound in a variety of applications and gain a basic understanding of the basic fundamentals of point of care ultrasound. You

          will also spend time in the ultrasound department learning vascular and cardiac ultrasound techniques. 


          Please contact Joesph Betcher MD, the Ultrasound Director, prior to the start of your rotation. He will provide you with your daily schedule and

          answer any questions you may have. 

Shift Types:

1. Faculty Guided Ultrasound Shift

          Shifts in which you will one-on-one with a core faculty member doing point of care ultrasounds in the emergency department. This will be

          your time to ask as many questions as possible, and learn the basic of point of care ultrasound in preparation for practice on your solo shift.  

2. Solo Ultrasound Shift

          Independent scanning days in the Emergency Department. You will scroll through the tracking board for potential educational opportunities

          and communicate with the clinical team for that patient to discuss if a bedside ultrasound is appropriate. Any significant findings must be

          reported directly to the clinical attending in charge of that patient for confirmatory study. Introduce yourself to the patient and obtain

          permission. It is important to emphasize that your examination is for educational purposes only, and will not be billed, and that the patient

          may still require additional formal imaging to include another more formal ultrasound. Do not interpret images for the patient, until it has

          been discussed with the attending physician. 

3. Ultrasound Tech Shift

          During this shift, you will spend time with the general ultrasound technician at the Pavilion just west of the Mercy Campus on Sherman.

          Please confirm the location of this shift prior to the start of your rotation. 

4. Echo/Vascular Lab Shift

          During this shift, you will be assigned to spend the day with either the Vascular Ultrasound tech or the Echo tech at the Mercy Campus lab

          located in the basement of Mercy Hospital next to the Cath lab family waiting room.

Required Lecture Videos

          You are required to watch the narrated lectures for the 15 topics below. Watching them early in the month will give you a stronger

          base to grow from as your rotation progresses. The videos can be accessed above, or can be found here

          1. Aorta

          2. Appendix / Bowel / Pyloric Stenosis

          3. Biliary / Gallbladder

          4. Cardiac / IVC

          5. DVT

          6. FAST

          7. OB/Gyn

          8. Ocular

          9. Physics

        10. Procedural 

        11. Renal / Bladder

        12. Soft Tissue / Musculoskeletal 

        13. Testicular

        14. Thoracic / Airway 

        15. Vascular Access

Ultrasound QA Process:

          You will spend time running through the previous ultrasounds performed in the department, and go through how this QA process works.


Procedure Logs:

          You need to keep a log of the ultrasounds that you perform this month, and throughout the remainder of your residency. Credentialing

          standards are always changing in our field, but with the new combination of ACGME/AOA, residents will need to log 150 scans throughout

          their residency. As long as you're keeping track, and this should be no problem at all.

Required Resource:

Free iTunes Textbook:

Joe Betcher, M.D.
Emergency Ultrasound Director

Lake Michigan Emergency Specialists

Mercy Health Muskegon

Ultrasound in FOAM

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