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Year 1 Curriculum

This first year provides residents with well-rounded experiences in both traditional internship rotations and emergency medicine. Residents well develop their core medical knowledge in order to formulate critical decisions in the Emergency Department. The program includes the following rotations:

Year 3 Curriculum

This third year is focused on improving the residents ability to manage patient flow in the Emergency Department and develop academic competency through supervising/teaching junior residents and students.  Rotations are as follows:

Year 2 Curriculum

This second year focuses on expanding the resident’s skills which leads to efficiency in managing several patients including major trauma and medical resuscitations. In addition, residents will refine advanced life-saving procedures: The residents will also participate in EMS enabling them to develop vital out-of-hospital communication skills. Rotations are as follows: 

Year 4 Curriculum

In the final year residents will refine the ability to problem-solve, perfect patient disposition, and provide efficient medical care. Residents will be given time to examine their own personal academic interests through 2 months of electives. They will also spend 1 month on administrative work. Rotations are as follows:

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