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"free open access medical education” is a seemingly bottomless well of secondary emergency medical resources to supplement your textbook as well as stay up on current literature. This can be extremely overwhelming at first. At this stage, your textbook remains your primary method of education, but can be supplemented with the resources below.  

New to FOAMed?

          Read this article before you start...

Make FOAMed Come To You...

Step 1: Find a few of your favorite resources above.

  • You don't need to follow everything, just find a few that you like.

Step 2: Get an RSS Reader/News Aggregator for your smart device.

  • Feedly is a FREE aggregator in the app store and can be used on a computer. Just click the link below to start adding the blogs you want to follow.


Step 3: Download a podcast catcher

  • Downcast costs $2.99, but will catch more than the podcast catcher that comes with your smart device, and allows you to speed them up 1.5-2x.

Step 4: Download Read by QxMD

  • Read by QxMD is FREE and allows you to get alerts to your phone on new research and journals in emergency medicine.


Step 5: Get a Twitter account

  • Facebook is for people you know. Twitter is for people you should know. All of the blogs and podcasts have them, and you can follow what they have to say. You can also follow us @emMuskegon. 

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